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Dancing Tots Classes Available

  • Dancing Tots (walking – 4years): Saturday 9:30am - 10:00am

Dancing tots posterThe main aim of this class is that everyone should have fun! We encourage a warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone, both tots and those who they bring with them, and provide an opportunity for people to establish friendships and strengthen community ties. Classes may include nursery rhymes, songs and music, children's stories, balls, hoops, balloons and all sorts of other elements.


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The activities are intended to enhance a child's co-ordination and rhythm, and nurture their natural love of movement. The class represents a wonderful opportunity for exercise. Themes vary from week to week and may adapt to suit requirements wherever possible. The class not only assists in the development of physical skills, but also with transferable skills such as observing, listening copying, listening, responding to instructions and sharing experiences with other participants. These skills will be useful as the children prepare for school.

Everyone can choose whether or when they join in. Some participants dance throughout the duration of the class, while others enjoy the freedom to join in or sit and watch. Everyone is welcome, and free to do their own thing.





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Jessica Ann School of Dancing is a fresh, friendly Dance School in Ipswich, and provides excellent and specialized dance training for all ages and styles of performing arts.