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Anyone can open a dance school and offer a range of training to training to students - however....

Principal dancingYou might well be amazed if you knew how many people set up dance schools without any , or sufficient, relevant and necessary qualifications. It is very unlikely that you would accept medical advice from someone who was not medically qualified, so why send your three-year-old child to a dance teacher with inadequate qualifications? Dance training has changed over the years and child welfare and safety is now paramount. Ill-advised training techniques can cause significant harm.

As in other professions, a student seeking training of a professional standard is well advised to enquire about the experience and qualifications of the members of a school's faculty. There are numerous levels of qualification that a dance teacher can achieve. Details of relevant qualifications can be obtained from any dance teacher association. You can also ask to see a teacher's qualification certificates and ask where they trained and what experience they have. Note that If a school enters students for examinations offered by a recognized examination board, then its teachers must be properly professionally qualified (and continue to be).

Jessica Ann Freezer, the Principal, trained in dancing from the age of 2 before graduating from Bird College in 2002 with a First Class Hons Degree. She pursued a very successful career as a professional dancer, performing in London's West End, touring the world with the famous Irish Dance show "Spirit of the Dance", and travelling to all seven continents while performing on luxury cruise ships. Jess is qualified as BA (Hons) ISTD DDI. Following her successful professional career, she went on to complete her ISTD qualifications with Penny Meekings at The College. She is continuing her personal and professional development by studying for the ISTD level 6 diploma in Dance Pedagogy.


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