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Contemporary and Lyrical Classes Available

  • Contemporary: Monday 6:30pm - 7.15pm

Contemporay posterThe genres of lyrical and contemporary dance have many similarities and their definitions may understandably give rise to confusion. As human beings, we crave categories because they help us to make sense of our world. However, when categories merge or overlap, a fine line between losing the integrity of a technique and allowing a style to develop may emerge. Lyrical dance is a fluid dance style comprising elements of both ballet and jazz dance, and seeks to be expressive of a dancer's emotions, with the physical movements often synchronized with the lyrics of the music.

Contemporary dance is a multi-faceted and varied style that does not easily fit a simple definition, and is not performed in the same way by every dancer. It is an expressive style dance that combining elements of modern, lyrical, classical ballet and jazz. Dancers, sometimes performing barefoot, strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.


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Contemporary dance emerged from techniques used in ballet, jazz, and modern, the latter being a direct ancestor of contemporary dance. The pioneers of modern dance and jazz sought to break the moulds and expectations of traditional ballet dancing. Contemporary is less about a story or narrative, and seeks not only to entertain but also educate, challenge, and explore different movements. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding music and rhythm, the space around a dancer, and how to make technical classical lines different. Consequently, contemporary tends to be more avant garde, and makes use of themes and ideas rather than a clear story. Dancers are given a degree of freedom, through improvisation, for personal exploration within the movement. However, interpretations of classical lines are also included. Conceptualized dancing is also explored, with choreographers and dancers developing dance techniques, such as accents or patterns, into pieces in their own right.

Lyrical dance was originally known as lyrical jazz - an offshoot of jazz dance. It combines the techniques of ballet and the fluidity of jazz dance, and seeks to entertain through a clear storyline. An unique trait of lyrical is the emotional connection and storytelling brought to life by song lyrics. Lyrical dancers commit to the choreography but add breath and soul to the movement through personal interpretation. Routines tell a story that follows the lyrics of the music, with the lines and pictures created reflecting the emotions of the piece.





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